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Calmasol-440 – A well balanced solution for the treatment of hypocalcaemia in calves, cattle, sheep and pigs. It is also excellent as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of allergies, urticaria, haemorrhagic diathesis and weak uterine contractions in calves, cattle, sheep and pigs.

Conditions for use

For slow intravenous application.


Bottle of 500ml.



or 3 X රු 663.33 with Koko Koko



Calcium gluconate, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, Boric acid.


Acute hypocalcaemic conditions: 20-30 ml Calmasol-440 per 50 kg body weight, intravenously.

Adjunctive therapy for allergies, urticaria, haemorrhagic diathesis and uterine atony: 15-20 ml Calmasol-400 per 50 kg body weight, intravenously.

Sheep, calves and pigs: 3-4 ml Calmasol-440 per 10 kg body weight, intravenously.

The intravenous infusion must be given slowly over a period of 20-30 minutes. The specified dosages are standard values. They should always be adapted to the existing deficit and the particular condition of the circulatory system.

The fist repeat treatment must not be carried out earlier than 6 hours after the initial treatment. Additional repeat treatments can be given at intervals of 24 hours, when it is assured that the persisting symptoms relate to a maintained hypocalcaemic condition.

Withdrawal Times:

Calves, cattle, sheep:
Meat and offal: 0 days.
Milk: 0 days.

Meat and offal: 0 days.


  • Hypercalcaemic and hypermagnesarmia.
  • Calcinosis in cattle and sheep.
  • Use following high dosages of Vitamin D3 preparations.
  • Chronic kidney insifficiency.
  • Simultaneous or shortly following intravaneous application of inorganic phosphate solutions.

Side Effects:

Even when the therapeutic dosage is administered, a transient hypercalcaemia can develop due to the calcium content. This conditions manifests itself as follow: Inital bradycardia, agitation, muscular tremors, salivation, increased respiratory rate.

The increase in the heart rate following initial bradycardia is to be taken as the sign of a beginning over-dosage. In this case, the infusion must be stopped. Delayed side effects may occur in the form of disorders of the general condition and with symptoms of hypercalcaemia even 6-10 hours after the infusion. They should not be incorrectly diagnosed as a recurrent hypocalcaemia.

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